5 Sure Shot Ways to reach your Business Buyer

5 Sure Shot Ways to reach your Business Buyer

Imagine trying to sell your business to 10 buyers. Now, imagine a thousand more businesses trying to sell their business to a thousand more buyers. Challenging, right? This is what B2B business has become today.

Communication has become much simpler and easier in the digital world. Each of us can create content right at our fingertips. With the help of the best in technology we’re moving from 4G to 5G, and have access to countless audiences through innumerable channels. Easy communication has made it equally difficult to cut through the clutter and reach specific buyers.

Here are 5 effective ways to streamline your B2B marketing strategies:

1. Social Media

Free and easy to use, this tool is often underestimated. Yes, its organic reach has been declining. But with the right combination of social media and analysis of your target audience, you can not only reach buyers but also familiarize them with your work and build your brand. Being active on social media assures potential buyers of your strong online presence. A Buffer report states that 73% of businesses felt their marketing efforts through the use of social media were ‘somewhat effective’ to ‘very effective’ for their business.

2. Personalized Emails

Use personalized emails to cut through the noise. Not the generic mass e-mails that would push your consumers to hit delete, but emails stating why your particular product/service is the right fit for them. Due to overflowing inboxes companies now install email filters aimed at funnelling out unwanted spam/mass emails.
But, don’t worry. Just adopt the old way of sending direct mail; be creative and package it well and your target companies will appreciate the effort. A case study by Millward Brown shows that holding a product/package engages all the senses and creates a stronger emotional impact leading to better recall.

3. Influencers

Collaboration is Key!

Trying to grab business buyers’ attention to persuade them into making a purchase is a mammoth task and can’t be done alone. And this is where influencers come in, influencers can be anyone with the ability to create connections between buyers and sellers. A type of partner marketing, collaborations with influencers are a give-and-take relationship where you offer them products/services while they publicize your business by using your product, word-of-mouth, vlog, or blog about it, or even host you at their events. It is a long-term strategy and a relationship that needs to be treated with care.

A strong relationship with your influencer can better your chances of being picked up by potential buyers who trust them. It is important to identify influencers that will represent you well. A poll of marketing professionals by Tomoson stated that businesses are profiting by making $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing.

4. Live Events/Event Marketing

It’s tough living in an increasingly digitized world. We’re looking to reduce ‘screen time’ and actually interact and converse with real live people. Your buyers are the same. They probably receive thousands of emails a day. Invite these buyers to events such as a dinner, a conference, a seminar, or a meet-and-greet to simply network. This refreshing change gives buyers a chance to experience your brand/business in the flesh. A Bizzabo 2018 report stated that 41% of marketers believed event marketing to be the single-most effective channel to reach buyers.

5. The Personal Touch

An important rule of marketing – Know Your Audience! This stands true even when trying to reach business buyers. They are humans with likes, dislikes, certain principles, and ideals they believe in. Research, get to know your potential buyers and create custom content for them. This personal touch makes them feel special. Using Artificial Intelligence, analyzing your target audience, and marketing automation tools can help you craft your content according to the preferences of each buyer thus earning you brownie points and increasing your chances of a sale.


In this huge jungle of information, we’re all trying to figure out how our message can reach a particular person at the other end and not just echo back. Try out the marketing strategies mentioned above and you’ll be able to cement your way to the right business buyer.