Thinkertoys – Michael Michalko

Just the other day I was trying to tell my team that there can be no more that is unsurmountable. And then as if someone somewhere was trying to make a point, I was gifted a copy of Thinkertoys by Michael Michalko. The book says that if you can manage to find two solutions to tackle any issue that comes your way, you have the makings of a leader. There, now my team will have to believe in my leadership abilities!

he book regales you with amazing creative thinking exercises and these are called thinkertoys. Exploring newer facets of looking at problems anew, this book opens up our minds to look at options and possibilities that might have skipped our thinking processes. So whenever you think you are stuck for ideas or new approaches, this book will come handy to help  you break through various blocks or to come up with newer and better ideas. Michael says in the book,

“Nothing is more harmful to a positive creative attitude than fears, uncertainties and doubts.”

The techniques in the book make you realize that you already have all the answers, all you need to do is look for them in the right manner. A “flash of brilliance” is what helps you come up with the right solutions at the right time. Developing one’s intuition and capturing ideas that occur in your dreams is another technique Michael lays emphasis on. Grab a copy now and watch your problems dissolve!