A Guide to B2B Lead Generation Pricing

Lead generation companies have an immediate impact on your business and help your sales gain momentum. It is cost-efficient to outsource this task rather than to do it in-house. It is crucial to understand how they price their services before deciding on which one to hire.


A search for lead generation companies shows many cheap options that promise incredible results. The price range for lead generation varies so much that you will be left wondering what is real.

Let us start with the cheapest. These firms either use lead generation software, or they are cheap contract miners. Although they do give you leads at the cost of a few dollars per lead, these are not valuable. These leads are similar to cold calling a firm.

Genuine companies may cost you more, but the leads they provide are relevant. They will be businesses who have shown an interest in what you have to offer. It will also be easier for you to convert them into regular customers. Most of the genuine lead generation firms offer the following pricing models:


Many firms will charge you on a per lead or per appointment basis. The firm will do the research on different businesses, contact them and find out if they would be interested in your services or products, and finally hand over their details to you so can you can fix a sales appointment. Although the prices do vary a lot, the average rate for an appointment is USD 200 and above.


Monthly pricing is a standard model across different digital marketing arenas. Opting for this model helps you plan your financials. With a reputed lead generation firm, monthly pricing might be more cost-efficient when compared to appointment-based pricing. You can expect it cost anywhere between USD 1500 to USD 4000. The average cost is around USD 3,000.


Some firms also offer a combination of the above two. You pay fixed monthly costs along with cost per appointment. Here, the fixed monthly fee will be lower than that of the monthly plan.

The actual price you pay depends on a lot of factors ranging from the industry to the services you expect. You also need to consider the ratio of the lifetime value of the customer to the customer acquisition cost. If this ratio is 3:1 or above, then your leads are really paying off, and they are worth every penny.


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