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The Maverick Method

Of late, I’ve been poring over books that focus on B2B sales and The Maverick Selling Method does just that. Brian Burns has done an amazing job of telling the readers that processes are just part of the game, it is our attitudes and characteristics that make all the difference. Though he’s not categorically divided […]

A Guide to B2B Lead Generation Pricing

Lead generation companies have an immediate impact on your business and help your sales gain momentum. It is cost-efficient to outsource this task rather than to do it in-house. It is crucial to understand how they price their services before deciding on which one to hire. LEAD GENERATION PRICING A search for lead generation companies […]

3 Ways You Can Fix A Dysfunctional B2B Sales Process

With changing times, the entire B2B ecosystem has begun to undergo a fundamental shift. The traditional methods of sending automated e-mails or making unsolicited phone calls are not working anymore. Even the buyers have started becoming more cautious, selective, and resource-efficient. In such a complex environment, if your B2B strategy has begun to fall behind, […]

Why StartUps Fail?

Despite the optimism that a lot of founders have when it comes to the startup ecosystem, it is no grand secret that most of them, and even some new small businesses are doomed to fail. Whatever the reasons, having worked with n number of founders, it’s amply clear to us that the path of entrepreneurship […]

6 Problems Most Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurship sounds great as a movement in your career path but comes with its own share of challenges and trials. Gratifying and fruitful challenges but difficult ones nonetheless. Proficient and seasoned entrepreneurs have to deal with this no matter how long their stint or how much their experience. They still have to work hard at […]