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Mistakes Start-ups Make

Having worked with a lot of start ups, over the course of years, I have witnessed that  20% of start-ups fail during the first two years of commencing operations, and almost half of all businesses hardly see the sixth year? Ever wondered what mistakes are all these start-ups making?  Wrong sales figures To begin with, […]

B2B Marketing: Establishing the New Normal

The year 2020 started as a bright new phase for the world of B2B marketing. Many organizations started employing innovative strategies to highlight their B2B solutions. By March 2020, the world was up for an unexpected and unnecessary surprise, called the coronavirus pandemic. Today eight months later the pandemic is still raging and we are […]

The Buddha’s tenet for modern day sales strategies

Every time I pick up the phone and call or come up with a Sales campaign, it takes anywhere few days to few weeks to at least see some measurable results. And it takes weeks and months to optimize to a point where I can get a cost per lead/ conversion cost. People see the […]

The Maverick Method

Of late, I’ve been poring over books that focus on B2B sales and The Maverick Selling Method does just that. Brian Burns has done an amazing job of telling the readers that processes are just part of the game, it is our attitudes and characteristics that make all the difference. Though he’s not categorically divided […]

What can storytelling do for your product marketing?

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved his kitchen set. His father thought that these were great signs of things to come. We’re sure you want to know what ensued next. That’s what stories do to us. And this is not a new phenomenon, throughout history, mankind has delved into and transformed […]