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6 Problems Most Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurship sounds great as a movement in your career path but comes with its own share of challenges and trials. Gratifying and fruitful challenges but difficult ones nonetheless. Proficient and seasoned entrepreneurs have to deal with this no matter how long their stint or how much their experience. They still have to work hard at […]

How is B2B marketing getting transformed?

B2B sales are not what they were half a decade back, it is definitely on the verge of a revolution. There are a number of trends completely redefining what it will take to be a market leader over the next few years. What was effective some years ago has already lost its sheen or is […]

Debunking the myths of B2B marketing

When we, as an agency meet clients, we are more often than not met with questions that are cringe-worthy. When clients want to dig deeper and want to know, “Which of these designs has skyrocketed our competitor’s sales?”, we want to say that along with the design, there definitely was a strategy in place coupled […]

How DATA impacts CFOs

By now we all have easily established that organizations big or small, all need and also manage to collect overwhelming quantities of Data. They could garner it either from internal functions and operations or external customer interactions. With business analytics presenting a robust promise to evaluate data for competitive gains, real-time insights across the value […]