The Maverick Method

Of late, I’ve been poring over books that focus on B2B sales and The Maverick Selling Method does just that. Brian Burns has done an amazing job of telling the readers that processes are just part of the game, it is our attitudes and characteristics that make all the difference. Though he’s not categorically divided […]

The Little Red Book of Selling – Jeffrey Gitomer

Whichever book it is by Gitomer, it is sure to leave an impact and will definitely teach the reader newer and better ways to sell. The style of writing adopted by the author is extremely wonderful and his tone, along with his tips can’t be ignored because the reader realizes how much value oozes from […]

Brilliant Selling

Brilliant Selling by Jeremy Cassell and Tom Bird

Brilliant Selling by Jeremy Cassell and Tom Bird is one of the most efficacious and easy to use selling tools I have come across. I’ve have been involved in selling for more than 2 decades, either directly or managing sales teams. In my humble opinion, there are loads of books on this subject and almost […]

Thinkertoys – Michael Michalko

Just the other day I was trying to tell my team that there can be no more that is unsurmountable. And then as if someone somewhere was trying to make a point, I was gifted a copy of Thinkertoys by Michael Michalko. The book says that if you can manage to find two solutions to […]