Brilliant Selling

Brilliant Selling by Jeremy Cassell and Tom Bird

Brilliant Selling by Jeremy Cassell and Tom Bird is one of the most efficacious and easy to use selling tools I have come across. I’ve have been involved in selling for more than 2 decades, either directly or managing sales teams. In my humble opinion, there are loads of books on this subject and almost everyone says the same old stuff and belts out the same old mantras.

But Cassell and Bird have put a lot of thought into this book to make it easy to turn the pages as well as understand it well. This is a marvelous change in this genre of writing. If you are new to selling or just need to step back for a refresher this is a great book to get you started.

The book takes you through a journey to understand all aspects of selling. Starting with views on your personality as a salesperson, Brilliant Selling moves through processes and planning to effective communication for understanding buyer needs and motivations. The excursion is a well-structured one where each chapter builds nicely on the previous nuggets of wisdom.

It is not just technique and technical formulae but fully gets inside the mind of the seller and buyer with a focus on latent needs. For that reason the method it uses is spontaneous, innate and very easy to follow, making it enjoyable to learn. It breaks down the learning into bite size chunks and delivers them in such a way they are quickly retained by the reader. In addition, there are documented survey results that really help isolate buyer fears and motives; every salesperson should have an understanding of these to help bridge that cross-table relationship between buyer and seller.

Jeremy and Tom have produced a first class book that will stand the test of time and will become a reference book of the future by any top sales person which you can dip into over and over again.