Mistakes Start-ups Make

Having worked with a lot of start ups, over the course of years, I have witnessed that  20% of start-ups fail during the first two years of commencing operations, and almost half of all businesses hardly see the sixth year? Ever wondered what mistakes are all these start-ups making?  Wrong sales figures To begin with, […]

Why StartUps Fail?

Despite the optimism that a lot of founders have when it comes to the startup ecosystem, it is no grand secret that most of them, and even some new small businesses are doomed to fail. Whatever the reasons, having worked with n number of founders, it’s amply clear to us that the path of entrepreneurship […]

6 Problems Most Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurship sounds great as a movement in your career path but comes with its own share of challenges and trials. Gratifying and fruitful challenges but difficult ones nonetheless. Proficient and seasoned entrepreneurs have to deal with this no matter how long their stint or how much their experience. They still have to work hard at […]

Peculiar Characteristics of Founders

Have you ever wondered why did not pack off all its C level leaders on the same flight ever? Have you ever given it a thought what would ensue if the founder of a company met with an accident? These are some pertinent questions prospective investors and board members sometimes ask themselves behind closed […]

What leads to the Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Having worked up, close and personal with loads of entrepreneurs, we know every entrepreneur has a different story about why he or she decided to start a business. Some have always dreamt of being their boss and others come up with ideas while working for someone else and decide to take the entrepreneurial leap. Before […]