Mistakes Start-ups Make

Having worked with a lot of start ups, over the course of years, I have witnessed that  20% of start-ups fail during the first two years of commencing operations, and almost half of all businesses hardly see the sixth year? Ever wondered what mistakes are all these start-ups making?  Wrong sales figures To begin with, […]

B2B Marketing: Establishing the New Normal

The year 2020 started as a bright new phase for the world of B2B marketing. Many organizations started employing innovative strategies to highlight their B2B solutions. By March 2020, the world was up for an unexpected and unnecessary surprise, called the coronavirus pandemic. Today eight months later the pandemic is still raging and we are […]

5 Sure Shot Ways to reach your Business Buyer

5 Sure Shot Ways to reach your Business Buyer

Imagine trying to sell your business to 10 buyers. Now, imagine a thousand more businesses trying to sell their business to a thousand more buyers. Challenging, right? This is what B2B business has become today. Communication has become much simpler and easier in the digital world. Each of us can create content right at our […]

A Guide to B2B Lead Generation Pricing

Lead generation companies have an immediate impact on your business and help your sales gain momentum. It is cost-efficient to outsource this task rather than to do it in-house. It is crucial to understand how they price their services before deciding on which one to hire. LEAD GENERATION PRICING A search for lead generation companies […]

3 Ways You Can Fix A Dysfunctional B2B Sales Process

With changing times, the entire B2B ecosystem has begun to undergo a fundamental shift. The traditional methods of sending automated e-mails or making unsolicited phone calls are not working anymore. Even the buyers have started becoming more cautious, selective, and resource-efficient. In such a complex environment, if your B2B strategy has begun to fall behind, […]