The Maverick Method

Of late, I’ve been poring over books that focus on B2B sales and The Maverick Selling Method does just that. Brian Burns has done an amazing job of telling the readers that processes are just part of the game, it is our attitudes and characteristics that make all the difference. Though he’s not categorically divided it, I have demarcated the book into three parts: Attitudes, Characteristics and Process. Burns does a marvelous job as he pens down the common character traits of the Maverick sales professional and the stories keep his readers riveted and the book moves on to tell them more.

The Maverick Method takes care of some very important gaps that have not been catered to in some other well-known selling books. It not only describes how to navigate the complex sale but also caters to the details as to how to actually get the buying decision and what to do when you can’t create a technical or business win. It explains in detail that winning is not contingent on coaches or champions and that winning is possible in any and every situation. It even lays emphasis on how to address competition much better than a lot of other books in this genre.

According to me, I think the book is a brilliant read and would ask everyone and anyone who is into the business of B2B complex sales.