Why has AI become so important for HR?

You would obviously know that patience levels have waned in today’s day and age. People and more so millennials now are more disposed towards goods and services that are highly responsive. Studies have even revealed that about 22% of the younger workforce, expect a response in less than 10 minutes after reaching out to a brand.

Employee experience matters

And this is one of the most important reasons why a lot of consumer brands are moving towards building AI into their products. These brands have designed and developed chat bots that can look into the grievances as well as queries and provide services 365x24x7 to customers. And this has now percolated to the workplace too. Employees today have almost the same set of expectations when it comes to having a positive work experience. So now HR leaders have started to employ chat bots to change the way employees feel at the workplace. Employers have started giving a lot of weightage to employee experience at the workplace.

Role of AI in HR

Artificial intelligence in HR has grown by leaps and bounds in 2018 and the new year is all set to see a whole new world of HR aided by AI. Artificial Intelligence has played a vital role in Human Resource Management in quite a few ways. Some of them are:


Using AI algorithms can really cut down on the amount of manual effort and simplify the task. AI can help with searching resumes, finding eligible internal candidates, identifying the top notch performers and analyzing data about shortlisted candidates who are more likely to succeed.

Development of the employees

With AI, it becomes extremely easy and convenient to be able to get data and sort it on different parameters like age, culture, previous learning experiences, educational background, work experiences, performance, activities and behaviour of individuals, and analyse data to create custom learning programs for them.

Engaging the employees

AI can aid in looking for patterns and explanations that cause stress to employees and affect their performance negatively. They can be addressed in a timely manner.

Intelligent chat bots are employed to make interactions quick and easy. By acting as virtual assistants all HR queries from employees can be addressed to meet needs of employees.

Key takeaways

The fact that AI is helping HR in ways like never before has been accepted already. But expectations from Artificial Intelligence in HR are still running quite high. AI provides as space to engage employees and let them lead as co-creators of a strong, smart and advanced workplace culture. This has not only helped with increasing employee engagement but also arrest attrition rates and improve relationships with colleagues, and their contribution towards the company’s growth.